The Doll Closet

I am a stay-at-home Farmer’s Wife who is on call 24/7 with our farming, cattle and trucking operations. Sewing gives me something to do in my spare time but also allows me to leave the house at the drop of a hat. I have been married to my husband Dave for over 30 years and we have 3 grown children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I hate to admit it but I am enjoying my “Empty Nest” a little too much.

I grew up in a sewing household and started with making pillows at an early age. My skills have evolved greatly over the years. After making a few outfits for my niece’s American Girl Doll I again realized how much I enjoy the creative process and started my business, The Doll Closet. I have taken over the basement with my sewing machines, tables and fabric storage areas and even have a small display area for local customers wanting to purchase items outside of craft fairs or online.

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